Technology Introduction

Reduction, recovery and non-toxic are the main principles of sludge treatment and disposal. Methods for treating sludge and comprehensive utilization include landfill,incineration,land utilize,discharge into sea, etc. The most thorough, efficient and economic method is incineration, which can totally carbonize organics, and minimize the volume of sludge (90% reduction). Meanwhile, energy in sludge can be converted into electricity or thermal energy, making the sludge fully used.

Our company have rich experience in sludge disposal. we sum up the overseas experience, based on the domestic market, independently research and develops the adiabatic furnace type bubbling fluidized bed incinerator. We also can provide advanced sludge treatment technology for all kinds of urban sewage treatment and the supply of complete sets of equipment and to undertake the construction of sludge reducing, recovering and non-toxicity.

The sludge drying and incinerating technology which our company provides is used to dty the sludge in the way of waste treatment, so that ensure the heat balance between drying and burning . This kind of technology uses the steam from waste heat boiler to dry the sludge indirectly, reducing moisture content to 30%-40%. In addition, we use our proprietary sludge incineration technology for burning, decomposing and fixing the toxic and harmful substances in sludge and make full use of heat energy generated from the sludge during incinerating process.

Process Flow Chart


Incineration could decrease the volume of surplus sludge to the minimum, therefore, little substance need to be disposed and incineration ash cab be made into useful products.

Totally kill the virus, bacteria and microorganism, and eliminate the malodorous gas pollution.

Recovery energy that generated from the sludge.

Dispose fast, and no necessary to store for a long time.

Burning in site without long-distance transporting.

Application Case

One of the sludge drying and incineration project in Zhejiang Province

Construction Time: 2012

Type of the sludge: Municipal sludge

Scale: 30t/d

Requirement: moisture content of sludge is less than 30% (GB18485-2014)

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