In the golden autumn, Premier Li Keqiang visited Germany, and met with representatives of Chinese-invested enterprises in Berlin on Oct. 9th at 2 pm local time. Xu Rongqi, GM of Bestwa Germany, as the one of the representatives, had the great honored to be invited and met by Premier Li, which cheered up the parent company.

Known as "a joint Cabinet meeting", it was the third round of Sino-German government talks, which was chaired by Premier Li and was with the highest level, largest scale and most issues to discuss. China has such unique talks only with Germany.

This is Xu's second meeting with Chinese highest levels since this March, which really is a great honor of all the staff of Bestwa, and gives us great encouragement and motivation. It shows China attaches great importance to the going global strategy, which is also a big opportunity to Bestwa. As the GM of Bestwa Germany, Xu has the heavy pressure and responsibility, hoping Bestwa Germany will run better with the favorable policies under the Sino-German cooperation. The Germany subsidiary running well is the greatest patriotic behavior for an overseas Chinese, which is also the perfect practice of the parent company's philosophy of the "Learning widely from others for a better environment".

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